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AE-8811 Master Document 'Sword of the Urns'

Discussion in 'COMMUNICATIONS - RESEARCH' started by cam, Jun 14, 2019 at 1:41 AM.

  1. cam

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    Submit any proposals, transcripts, and notes here.​
  2. cam

    cam Active Member

    AE-8811 Sample Testing Log
    AE-8811 Sample Testing

    Microscope - The view is blocked by a blinding whiteness--it’s impossible to make out any indication of what the sample looks like. Radiance of the sample is extremely potent--not detected by the Electromagnetic setting.

    Bunsen burner - Sample heats up to the highest setting--1500 Celsius, and does not burn efficiently.

    Freezer - Sample does not freeze at any temperature with our laboratory freezers.

    Ohmmeter - Resistance is roughly 1.94 times 10 to the power of -8 ohms per meter. Sample is extremely conductive towards electricity.

    Ultraviolet laser - Sample appears to be reduced to a molten, liquid state with high electromagnetic conductivity.

    Hydraulic press - Sample resists the press completely, showing no signs of damage after press retracted.

    Hydrochloric acid - Sample is not destroyed, no effects concluded.