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Alexpill Rule-set [WIP]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Floyd, Jun 9, 2019.

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  1. Floyd

    Floyd i <3 u playermeta True Pillpunk

    The Basics
    Keep your wits about you. Common sense, and an understanding of your surroundings is your best bet for surviving among the dystopia. A gun may bring you to the top, but a brain will secure it.

    Group up, establish gangs, or societies, et cetera. Others are bound to do so, and an open welcoming is not guaranteed.

    The economy thrives on player interaction. Bartering, trading, and all means of business is not only permitted, but encouraged. Don’t be shy of going about unorthodox methods of obtaining goods.

    Engage in Shoot-2-Kill via initiating the act of doing so with the target of choice, and go about your business. Keep in mind of Shoot-2-Kill intervals, and the cooldown provided; choose your target wisely.

    Following engagement, successful or not, standby for five minutes. Once the cooldown has come to an end, you may resume about initiating Shoot-2-Kill with another target of choice.

    Respect the terms and conditioning of the aforementioned Shoot-2-Kill intervals, and cooldown. Follow them. This is Tokyo-Two, not a madhouse.

    Business, basing, et cetera
    Business and/or property owners are entitled to flags [solely] for building purposes, for a temporary time. Use them wisely, and it’d be wise to plan building beforehand, according to your needs.

    Flags are not open to abuse, and shall be revoked as gamemasters see fit. You cannot place buildings and/or props for the purpose of blocking off, or restricting access to your base and/or business. Don’t play coy, you will be treated accordingly so.

    This goes in hand with raiding. You cannot use props as a means of defense, or preventing raids from occurring. Use your wits, your gang, or your guns.

    Speaking of, you may not engage in a raid lonesome, at least three people must be present, and actively partake in the raid. All owners, or half [depending on the situation and/or business in question] must be present.
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