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Hobbies Apollo - Vomit (Prod: Cashflow) (2018)

Discussion in 'Media' started by Cashflow, Apr 5, 2019.

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  1. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Banned Patron


    00:00 - 00:24 - Intro
    00:25 - 05:04 - "Doctor M.D." (Ft. Katta~)
    05:05 - 06:02 - "Child ERP"
    06:03 - 08:02 - "Spanking Ball"
    08:03 - 12:28 - "The Story of John Gavarask"
    12:29 - 13:02 - "ur boi"
    13:02 - 16:01 - "Noise Complaint Ft. (Michigan State Troopers)"

    My first album with Apollo and sadly my last.​
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  2. svensis

    svensis sandbox.facepunch.com Patron

    The Story of John Gavarask slaps you hard
  3. Verrock

    Verrock Well-Known Member Banned

    kino thread :D
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  4. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Banned Patron

    It's simply an emotional story of John Gavarask he use to be the prophet of sons on Respite roleplay but detractors and Chancer simply had other plans for him.
    From rise to godhood to a federal ban, Apollo simply has experienced it all.
Moderators: gabs, Reagent, Vlad