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Custom Chuck a(le)xPill beta Video

Discussion in 'Media' started by chuck, Apr 22, 2019.

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  1. chuck

    chuck "I Am The Only Mature One"

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  2. chuck

    chuck "I Am The Only Mature One"

    watch the fucking video
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  3. Floyd

    Floyd i <3 u playermeta True Pillpunk

    Do you have a thing for Japanese gravure, Chuck
  4. morgeta

    morgeta Well-Known Member Regular Member

    these Japanese girls look like they're under 18, fucking chuck is baiting everyone
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  5. chuck

    chuck "I Am The Only Mature One"

    alexpill beta pill part two-
    talking like a testosterone sapped perma virgin i choose to have sex if i didnt it would literally happen to me everyday i broke my bones and morgetas mom laid me (lol) up in her hours and i couldnt resist her big sweaty ass through her sunchip dress it was like sweatyy
  6. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I enjoyed this video very much
  7. chuck

    chuck "I Am The Only Mature One"

    this is what I like to see if youre not commenting this on my video Fuck off

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  8. oh-range brand soda

    oh-range brand soda Active Member

    good video chuck, kepe up the good work man
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