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Custom CW:Warzone

Discussion in 'Communities' started by TacticalToaster, Jun 22, 2019.

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  1. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Finally, after months of working slightly on my next big project and basically doing nothing, I present

    CW: Warzone will be a session-based roleplaying server with a custom schema built on Clockwork. An emphasis will be placed on slow-paced, tactical combat in a modern setting and the interaction with the world at large with the actions of the player base. This first iteration of Warzone will follow the story of a specific unit apart of the fictional private military contractor Sentry Operations Group. Sessions will build onto the universe, introducing new situations and threats, all connected to real-life conflicts and entities.

    Sessions will include a variety of sides, all mixed in the grey. Is the civilian approaching the convoy a possible threat, or just someone looking for food or directions? How players decide to tackle the situation decides the outcome of every project and operation. Your character's progress is also tracked, and you can progress through the ranks of Sentry and gain more money to outfit your arsenal.

    Each session will include the opportunity for players to engage as either the opposition forces, civilians, or even assistants and neutral factions to Sentry. Before a session, an announcement will be made, including the roles that need to be filled for factions that aren't Sentry. If you're not contacted by an admin to fill a role, you can still message that your interested and you'll be considered for filling that role.

    Currently, I'm looking at starting the first session some time either next week or the week after. I'm still working on getting everything into a finished and polished state. Along with that, I'm looking for staff, and more specifically staff that are capable of creating engaging events and stories. If you're interested, add me on discord and shoot me a DM (TacticalToaster#2056) and I'll give you a few questions to answer. If you have any questions about time and stuff like that, or anything in general, message me on discord.

    The Discord: https://discord.gg/kgUN7P2

    That's all for now. Like I said, if you have any questions, discord is the best way to reach me. Either message me there or feel free to start a conversation with me on here.
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  2. Reagent

    Reagent Janitor Staff Member Janitor Site Director

    Sounds cool, I might hop in and play a session or two.
  3. JC

    JC Well-Known Member

    will definitely play sometime when i get the chance
  4. deltomega

    deltomega Member

    Gonna hop on when it's live.
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  5. Vlad

    Vlad Janitor Staff Member Janitor Patron

    This looks hella good. I'm going to be there for the first session and hopefully all the sessions afterwards.
  6. angus

    angus MJ13 Society True Pillpunk Regular Member

    cool ill try
  7. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    How many players is the server expected to hold at any given time?
  8. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Sorry for the late reply. The server itself has a cap of 32, but we'll play around with the number until we feel comfortable that we can provide an authentic experience that won't be to hard for our staff team to handle. It may also change between sessions due to map or time constraints.
  9. Gregory

    Gregory *You Have Been Warned* Banned

    Any news on the first session of this? seems good
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  10. zoid

    zoid Choobe Staff Member Janitor

    I'll check it out, definitely interesting.
  11. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Time to show off some development. A lot has been happening behind the scenes, and we're getting the ball rolling with small tests in the discord. Here's a video covering some of the custom content. There's a lot more to the medical system already implemented, and there's a few other features/systems that aren't shown here, but this is mainly just to show off a little. We do have a somewhat big test planned for this Friday, so join the discord if you want to partake in that one.
  12. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    The Voice Acting Will Be Good also.
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  13. TacticalToaster

    TacticalToaster Well-Known Member Regular Member

  14. Bartoloemeo

    Bartoloemeo Active Member

    WhEre'S my FucKinG ArM!?
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  15. Reagent

    Reagent Janitor Staff Member Janitor Site Director

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