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Question Cyberpunk 2077, opinions?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zigbomb, Jun 24, 2019.

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  1. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    What are your opinions on this game? I know discussion is low because Site 86 ate the discussion forums, but I'm still curious as to what some people think about it.

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  2. wowm0d

    wowm0d New Member

    Hella dope
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  3. Phalecrocorax

    Phalecrocorax New Member

    I don't like how it seems as though they've shifted from a RPG towards a more action adventure feel. Was kind of hoping for a more open ended game, but I guess it's a little unrealistic to expect too much choice.
  4. seris

    seris New Member

    i'm a fan of the source material, aged as it may be, and this looks like to be a pretty decent translation to a more modern audience

    no idea about the gameplay though, looks pretty modular (especially in comparison to more recent RPGs) but i'll have to wait until a lot more comes out to see how it all works in conjunction
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  5. GaviaoKing

    GaviaoKing Active Member

    Pretty much this, i knew about the original cyberpunk but never bothered to read what the game was about, but after searching on wikipedia and reading about certain parts that was censored on it on twitter, i'm really hyped to know how it will be, i will not pre order because of my financial condition but i'm looking forward to see how it will be, also, CD Project got known for doing good games after the witcher 3
  6. Floyd

    Floyd i <3 u playermeta True Pillpunk

    The game's shaping up to be a moderately fun, decent experience and that's good enough for me, truthfully. I'm not hyped, but I'm not doubting anything - I'm neutral. All in all, I probably won't play Cyberpunk 2077, so my opinion on the matter is worthless.
  7. svensis

    svensis sandbox.facepunch.com Patron

  8. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  9. vexus

    vexus Well-Known Member Regular Member

    if they manage to port over the world-building and overarching storyline experience they had from TW3 to 2077, i'd be a happy man and it'd be plenty fun. but from what i'm seeing, i don't think that'll be the case. i'm definitely still gonna play it, cause i play all the CDPR games, but i'm not sure it will be the groundbreaking experience it set out to be when it was announced so many years ago.
  10. angus

    angus MJ13 Society True Pillpunk Regular Member

    Idk too bright. If my cyb3r experience is not in permanent dark experience then I will pirate da game instead.
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  11. oh-range brand soda

    oh-range brand soda Active Member

    I just hope the combat doesn't sux and Silverhand doesn't overshadow the other childhood heroes
  12. zoid

    zoid Choobe Staff Member Janitor

    CD Project Red has a good reputation, and I believe that they can pull off a good experience. I think the original content is a good thing to tap into for a modern title.

    Character creation menu also looks neat, and I think there will be a lot of branching personalities based on what you mix together.
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  13. Pistol P

    Pistol P Site Director Site Director

    Silverhand's the one they bought Keanu Reeves for so that will probably be the case. Either way Silverhand'll probably stick with the player for the entire game, from the sound of the previews they gave
  14. zoid

    zoid Choobe Staff Member Janitor

    Keanu Reeves Guide
  15. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I actually completely forgot about the childhood hero thing. Yeah, good point, but I'm not sure-- I mean for main stream retards who only see the KEANU-CORE MEMES in it then yeah, but I imagine that the writing is just as or if not better in some of the other heroes.

    I really don't want another Alyx Vance-style humorous follower with me at all times in the game. I noticed that a lot, what they've shown so far always has you with someone, and I don't really like the sound of that at all. Truth be told, part of me wishes this game featured a silent protagonist. My guess is that they have multiple voice actors for each ethnicity; and they've shown the mexican guy and the white guy so far, and that mexican girl. Not sure. Maybe you can pick your voice too.

    I have lots of questions so far, and not a lot of have been answered, so I won't pre-order, but, I'll add it to the play list when it's out on PC. I'm still waiting for RDR2, given they actually port it.
  16. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    I'll most likely buy it but my main fear was seeing in the 40 min gameplay tailer bullet spongey enemies. It's a quirk I absolutely hate of big world RPGs, I guess It's a necessity when your character can become so fucking OP but I wish you could kill enemies with few bullets but also be killed with few bullets by them, which promotes more tense gameplay and not being a dumbass (Like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)

    That being said story looks kind of nice, which is what I care about the much more over combat and will probbably be the game's strongest factor
    The augment thing looks pretty neato, I'm guessing you can't just bag up all augments and have to choose the ones you want carefully which could bring some mix-matching (I.E. u can either select quick reload arms or katanas in ur arm but not both simultaneously)

    I don't think it'll be the atomic bomb of a single player game people claim say cyberpunk 2077 will be, it seems somewhat overhyped specially due to the spastics getting their cocks hard over "Keanu Reeves holyfuuuck john whick in game!!!"
    "funny meme sample: >Kill dog >keenau revees: u fucked up my face!!!"
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  17. Floyd

    Floyd i <3 u playermeta True Pillpunk

  18. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    i absolutely fucking loathe bullet sponges in any game. sustaining a gunshot, like in rising storm/red orchestra, stalker, modified ARMA should be a death sentence 90% of the time. doesnt really have to even be realistic, i can suspend my disbelief in some cases. deus ex or some sci-fi shit where someone has like some sp0ky energy shield or some shit right? thats fine. but it pisses me off when games not only have bullet sponges, but goddamn missile sponges.
  19. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    i remember playing the division and having to dump an entire ak47's with every hit being a headshot just to get some dude's health to half
    rewatching the gameplay again I have noticed the enemies have levels (lvl 1 enemies, lvl 5 enemies...) which most likely means as you progress/go into different areas difficulty will be artificially increased by making bullet spongey enemies, now my only wish is that there weren't item rarities (Like every looter-shooter ever made)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    case in point
  20. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    Going to be very good, CDPR makes bangers.
    Already preordered gamer style (i'll do the fucking review for PM...)

    Controversy from L-Libawals makes it even better.
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