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Scripting Development footage

Discussion in 'Development' started by TeckDeck, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. TeckDeck

    TeckDeck Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This is some development footage from the last couple years, particularly from Begotten projects such as The Room and Damnation, as well as some prototype schemas for Begotten 3. Most of what I'm showcasing today is never going to be reused & recycled, so I thought I might as well share it for anybody interested in what was left on the cutting room floor.

    - Wakeup sequence prototype

    - suitor "chainsawer" monster prototype

    - damnation cinematic intro prototype

    - unused witch NPC (later repurposed for Severance)

    - door barricades

    - container hiding circa october 2017

    - unused resident evil style camera

    - some random shit

    - Recreation of Project D7's "Center" safezone system

    - fucking with people on damnation 2

    - powered cash printer prototype

    - some prototypes for a chorror script

    - explosives from Begotten: The Room

    there's more that i probably won't show for now that will eventually end up in Begotten 3 and S86, but that's everything of note that I also uploaded.
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  2. Verrock

    Verrock Well-Known Member Banned

    the witch scares me badly
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  3. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Additional stuff from a collaboration between cash and i
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  4. Gregory

    Gregory *You Have Been Warned*

    Videos unavailable ?
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  5. bequest

    bequest Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Bumping this out of interest in how your development has gone in the past 3 months. @TeckDeck @zigbomb

    Any new updates to already posted material? Any new content?
  6. TeckDeck

    TeckDeck Administrator Staff Member Administrator