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Question (Follow up) What franchise would you base your RP server on?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Radical Sam, Mar 1, 2019.

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  1. Radical Sam

    Radical Sam Member

    Since everyone seems to want to make a server based on different game franchises, what one would you pick and what kind of roleplay format would it take? Outlands RP, Outlands AU, CityRP or CityRP AU maybe? Who knows, honestly just want to know what server you will be wanting to make if you had the time, money and players backing you up on the project.
  2. Gregory

    Gregory *You Have Been Warned* Banned

    The sims.
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  3. Vlad

    Vlad Janitor Staff Member Janitor Patron

    ive thought about making my own server, if it ended up being hl2rp then it’d probably be a bit after episode one where the resistance really started to get powerful, and it’d take the place of a rebel task force and that’s how people play. there would be a map change every once in a while because the union would find them and they’d have to defend a raid successfully and move out to ensure they don’t get swatted even harder. it’s not my original idea for a concept like this, another community did it really well before me (a community i was an admin on, in fact) that got a solid 30+ player base with lots of events and stuff so players don’t get bored. the memories of that server were just really good before the story ended and the server shut down.

    if it wasn’t hl2rp, then i’d probably do a wolfenstein roleplay with pretty much the exact premise but it takes place around the beginning of the wolfenstein 2 era. replace the union with the ss, switch the maps and models, and then you’ve got yourself something like that.

    would anyone be interested in playing either of these should the day come where i make it? if so, which one’s more appealing to you?

    only difference between the two location-wise would be that the hl2rp one would take place in the outlands while the wolfenstein server would either take place on a stolen boat like the game or near/in a city
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  4. vexus

    vexus Well-Known Member Regular Member

    sounds exactly like the server i made about a year ago. server was called Invictus, basically just a story-driven episodic type of server where we set up at least two events every day. focused on a group named Invictus made up of all ex-PMCs or military men post-EP1.

    edit: just realized this post was made in March thanks @JC
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  5. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    Euro Truck Simulator.
    Walking around the city searching for RP not boring enough? Test your patience with driving a truck for 5 hours in a map stolen from the workshop
    ***John Train keeps his hands on the wheel
    [EVENT] You empty out the last case of beer.
    *****' Some dumb fuck crashed his car on the side of the road. Your morbid curiosity forces you to slow down in an attempt to see any corpses or blood emerging from the accident.
    [OOC] Philip Ochs: Guys I ran out of gas help
    [Old fuck|Grease stains|Smells like sh...] says ''Good job on the delivery.''
    [Old fuck|Grease stains|Smells like sh...] has given you 300 euros.
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  6. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    Probably reboot Union Taskforce.

    Play as MPF or conscripts in a UNION FORCES based roleplay, episodic, story driven and choices fucking matter. It's a brutal world, brutal roleplay. A big busty egyptian use to run it but she went 'to the army' or some schitzo lie, was a cool rp.

    Probably would do a cyberpunk type rp, either 1 faction driven or two. I've done one before NS - The Ark which was kino and sick but my pedophile co-owner Ghoul simply could not pay bi-monthly cus he had no job (epic).

    I'm intrested in like a kino Blade Runner RP (Nexus or epic blade runners) and NCR RP, these would be kinos roleplays (@zig..)
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  7. bonestein

    bonestein Member

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