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Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by zigbomb, Jan 14, 2019.

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  1. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Here's a bunch of rules, if you follow them then chances are that you won't be banned.

    1. Do not spam threads, posts, or ratings.
    • Posting without reason.
    • Rating for no reason.
    2. Do not flame or troll.
    • Trying to provoke arguments or rage.
    • Discrimination against another user through race, religion, or medical history.
    3. Do not post off topic.
    • Anything unrelated to the main topic or discussion
    • Pointless or non-meaningful posts.
    5. Do not shitpost outside of Fast Threads
    • Contributing nothing to the thread.
    • Posting nothing positive without methods of improvement.
    6. Do not post nude/pornographic/shock images.
    • Upon further review, we probably need a permit to post porn and shock on this forum; while every idiot loves their own batch of Half-Life 2 rule34, I currently don't feel like posting website entrance warnings in the event that some sort of governmental agency checks out a high traffic website. Until further notice, refrain from posting porn/shock/filth from any of the boards. Nobody really did anyhow.
    7. Do not derail threads.
    • Changing the topic of conversation from the original post.
    • Do not initiate or participate in thread derailment.
    • Adding “On Topic:” doesn’t always stop derailment, think twice before posting something.
    8. Do not leak private/personal content/information/dox.
    • You are free to release your own private content/information.
    • Do not encourage others to leak the private information of others.
    9. Treat others how you'd like to be treated.
    • You're welcome to act any way as you want on these forums, if you paint the picture of yourself coming off as an arrogant asshole then that's your own doing. Not ours. Just make sure the way you act is in the guidelines of the rules.
    10. Do not create alternate accounts.
    • Any attempts at creating one results in a ban of both the alternative and primary account. The bans are permanent.
    11. Do not backseat moderate.
    • If someone breaks a rule, report it and move on.
    12. Do not have a name that doesn't use English characters.
    • Expect to have your name changed if you do not use English characters.
    13. No "exposing/let's talk about/circlejerk" threads.
    • Any community or personal drama is barred from general boards. Critique of communities that is generally constructive and hard-hitting is well allowed, but blatant slander without evidence is not supported and will result in warnings. In a nutshell; keep the opinions out of your opinions because they encourage circle-jerking, which is meta in itself.
    • This also goes for Slander or OPs or anything of that sort that is just concentrated fuckery. We already know how bad you think Nebulous is, but if you're going to say it's fucking ass, provide context with why it's ass and what makes it ass. Same goes for people. Have genuine reasoning behind your words.
    14. No squeakers.
    • Your balls better have dropped by now, or you better be good at hiding the fact that they haven't. 15+ is the general rule of thumb.
    Staff are and always will be able to give out bans for any particular reason in any particular situation. All staff members are able to do as they see fit to solve a problem.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2019
  2. Tekdek

    Tekdek Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Added rule 14.
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