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Picture God Committing Suicide

Discussion in 'Media' started by bonestein, Jun 30, 2019.

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  1. bonestein

    bonestein Member

    art for begotten 3 by me
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  2. morgeta

    morgeta Well-Known Member


    reminds of half life 3 concept art
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  3. bonestein

    bonestein Member

    some of the red is popping off the torn page whatev ill fix it later
  4. Pistol P

    Pistol P Site Director Site Director

    What brushes?
  5. bonestein

    bonestein Member

  6. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    my lov for ur art [​IMG] is the same as my lov for u.......
    pride month forever!!!!!! :) :)
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  7. angus

    angus MJ13 Society True Pillpunk Regular Member

    nice art nicky
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  8. zoid

    zoid Choobe Staff Member Janitor

    Impressive creative skill nick-bonestein. Make some more
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  9. bonestein

    bonestein Member

    When I get some more begotten art ready I'll make a thread.
  10. Onion

    Onion Active Member

    Words written next to drawings looks interesting. Kinda looks like ancient or alien style.
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  11. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    i like this but why'd u write in chinese hebrew beside it wtf
  12. bonestein

    bonestein Member

    based it off the necronomicon from evil dead.
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  13. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    this post deserves a rating that is somehow even higher than "winner."
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