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Serious How would you try to fix/improve citizen roleplay in HL2RP?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robert Rodriguez, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    I'd like to see actually serious answers, title says all
  2. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    Find out in HL2RP asylum.
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  3. spr1te

    spr1te Member

    Loyalism needs more action, opportunity or just fun. Usually, playing as a loyalist, you get an armband/different clothing, a different colored ration and a pat on the back, that's that. Servers do try incorporate conscripts and conscription from the HL2 Beta but it's usually done poorly and acts as a version of the CWU with camouflage.

    As I recall, .DUST had stripped out the aspects of loyalists and only kept in the CWU alongside giving it good opportunities like exterminating alien wildlife, and it worked.
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  4. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    i remember the CWU was pretty much the lifeline of the local citizen population and you were pretty much fucked if you wanted to casually wonder around the destroyed, ruined landscape without the presence of the nearby clinic i think it was called. if the next .DUST ever gets released, there should be random IEDs and hidden mines to give the CWU additional humanitarian purposes in reattaching your leg after it gets blown the fuck off by a taliban IEDresistance-repurposed mine. really, i thought parts of the ruined city were somewhat underwhelming, while it represented a massive warzone and there were lots of dangers outside of the cops. in former and current war zones the leftover mines and various other dangerous aspects such as residual chemical weapons caches nearby were the most deadly part of rebuilding and continues to yield massive dangers to local returning civilian populations. this could offer a new challenge to the CWU, such as tasking them with clearing out leftover minefields, cleaning up chemically or biologically contaminated areas, or rescuing innocents who happen to run across these remnants of war.

    the best part of citizen RP and the CWU mostly was actually having tasks to do pertinent to the CCA's mission. i remember being an admin and setting up scaffolding and propping construction areas for the CWU to roleplay on for Dark Fraction back in the day. CWU was almost exclusively passive RP, but it was god-awful passive sit-and-wait RP. giving CWU meaningful tasks such as providing healthcare was a common solution but never fully fleshed out on your average HL2RP. additionally: the CWU could draft or conscript people to basically work as meatshields or dumb labor for deconstructing hazardous areas. hell, it'd be really funny if instead of amputating or imprisoning people, the combine could force them to perform extremely dangerous labor like clearing out a minefield by walking into it in a straight line or cleaning up areas flooded with gas.
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  5. bob marleys brother

    bob marleys brother New Member

    by not opening a server in the first place thats hOW noob
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  6. chuck

    chuck "I Am The Only Mature One"

    Really who gives a shit like who fucking cares God i hate these threads
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  7. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    @Robert Rodriguez Whats the point of this thread are you planning on making le spanish hl2rp?
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  8. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    Have you ever been in a spanish server? They're goddamn horrible
  9. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    Are you making a server? Sorry I guess I wasen't direct enough.
  10. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    If I ever made a HL2RP server it would be an s2k fuckfest with salesmen all over the map with AR2s. HL2RP is in a pretty garbo condition, plus I have no experience with server making or staff at all and add that to the fact that servers that dont stand out dont last a week and get a max pop of 3 players, I also wouldn't like to give my shekels to kuro so that's a no
    This is to prove my suspicion that HL2RP's problem with citizenRP lies at the core of it, HL2 itself, you gotta change the foundation of the gamemode Itself otherwise it's just gonna be another stale walk around the city fuckest, imo zigbomb brings some good points over the problems of the HL2RP as a whole so yea thats it
  11. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    The whole game mode, this federal query (is hl2rp le epic to host?) etc has been awnsered on C16 over 9000 times.

    tl;dr make a custom rp hl2rp is poo unless it's so custom it changes the way cringe life 2 runs (dust, security detail)

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  12. Onion

    Onion Active Member

    You can not fix HL2RP.

    You can abandon HL2RP for goods.
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  13. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  14. Vegas

    Vegas MJ13 Society True Pillpunk

    citizen roleplay? lol bro just play CCA bureaucrat rp
    sorry you didn't file your papers with JUDGE 92716, recreation time denied go polish your boots unit

    MPF sided rp is the only enjoyable part of hl2rp for me, slum rat roleplay can be fun with competent people but i consistently get entertainment from the mindnumbing bureaucratic fuckfest that CCF provides, its like i'm really a desk jockey in a paramilitary police force constructed by a galactic alien powerhouse

    to be honest rankless grunts are a better way to go for interesting roleplay, no bigshot hard cock augmented DvLs just dispatch

    citizen roleplay is basically designed to be boring as fuck lol it's an oppressive authoritarian government with mall cops who beat people for moving too fast or talking too loud; the entire construct of hl2 gubmint is meant to incentivize rebellion because the story follows Gordon Freeman, savior of the oppressed peoples
    you aren't meant to have fun as a citizen, you aren't even meant to roleplay in this world it was just made up as a vessel for the Freeman's story arc, it's intrinsically flawed in a roleplay setting
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  15. Pistol P

    Pistol P Site Director Site Director

    What the FUCK was the CCA's ration policy?
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  16. Reagent

    Reagent Janitor Staff Member Janitor Site Director

    CWU always destroys citizen passive on servers. People stack CWU w/ all the interesting jobs that can easily be the citizens. Add that the fact that a majority of hl2rp servers make CWU a OOC application & you get a stagnant population. Best "vanilla" hl2rp server was Sheeplie's Aphellion server that I played on 2014/2015. Allowed citizens to own any property they wanted as long as they want through CCA to get authorization for it. Because of that myself and few others that played were able to open our own clinic & got supplied by MTF and paid for treating other citizens.
  17. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    just let it die. just let it die. the horse is already dead. it's a rotting corpse about to be a skeleton. youre beating it again
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  18. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

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