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Question Is Arma 3 worth it?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Chezavick, Jul 6, 2019.

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  1. Chezavick

    Chezavick Member

    So, Steam Summer sale and all, and I've had Arma 3 in my wishlist for... like 2 years now. Since 86 is over, I wanna find something else to do Roleplay and gunplay wise.

    I've seen a couple of videos and all, and a few reviews but at the same time heard that it's buggy and can be boring as hell too. Plus all the DLC that makes it nearly a $100 game which I kinda don't wanna do again, since I've done it with Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege.

    Soooo is it worthwhile to get?
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  2. angus

    angus MJ13 Society True Pillpunk Regular Member

    @j noble is a huge armafag he'd know
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  3. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    Yes it's worth it.

  4. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    Things ARMA 3 and the US army have in common
    • Eating
    • Shitting (Sucking)
    • Dying

    you dont have to get all the DLC, not even a quarter of all the DLC to get right into the swing of fun.

    it largely depends on what you're looking for: are you looking for that huge kick-ass ultimate realistic military simulation? ARMA 3 can largely be like this if modded, but with several drawbacks. ARMA 3 can really be just about whatever you make it: zombie survival simulation, military simulation, HALO warfare simulation, mass shooting simulator, and various types of servers that do similar things to what you see in PERP, Dark RP, etc. (These are called ____ Life servers, example Altis Life, etc). Hell, there's even multiplayer units for the Star Wars total overhaul mod, called "StarSim units." To best describe ARMA 3 would be the words, "massive," or "big," "Open." While I would never call ARMA 3 some gay-ass open world experience, there's certainly a full-fledged map used in every single mission and every single custom scenario, sometimes they use numerous different ones. Massive Freedom is the best two words to describe a lot of ARMA 3's aspects. Freedom to grab the vanilla game's strongest fucking rifle, the most powerful scope with thermal Night vision and to to just start dropping shitskins off the face of the Earth from the side of a fucking mountain about 10+ kilometers away on a map resembling Asscrackistan or Turkey (your choice which map). Freedom to hop on these shitty overrated "Altis Life" servers and to just roleplay as an Islamic extremist strapped with a suicide bomber's vest. I can't tell you how fucking funny it was to see a hardcore religious Jewish Israeli kid (my good friend) roleplay as a misunderstood Muslim, who would charge at Altis PD while screaming "Allahu Akbar!!" over voice chat and seeing them freak the fuck out and start lighting him up like a joint on 4/20. Needless to say, he did not have a bomb vest on him. Further more, there exists an extensive, massive community of real-life military veterans and current personnel who use resources provided by Bohemia Interactive's Engine and ARMA 3 to create the ultimate simulation of modern warfare. Ear plugs to prevent combat deafness? Check. Realistic medical system that is actually based off how the US Army treats casualties in battle? Check. An entire fucking modding studio dedicated to simulating the United States Armed Forces (Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, Spec Ops) facing off against the goddamn Russians, also including several miscellaneous military forces such as the Serbians, etc? Fuck yeah son. Nukes and total atomic annihilation simulation as your comrades, battle buddies, and your loved ones are vaporized to goo, gore and dust? Hell yeah bitch. You're dead as FUCK.

    Do you wanna know the kinds of things you can do on ARMA 3? Tell me, are all of the below videos depicting things you can do on ARMA 3? The answer is yes. Yes, ARMA 3 is absolutely worth it. You will download this game, you will launch it, you will lag, you will die, you will learn from your mistakes and then you will survive and evolve. You'll win at that point. And then you'll fucking die again.

    Bugs? About that...ARMA 3 runs on a little known engine called "Real Virtuality 4," now many people have their gripes about RV4 and honestly, the issue is the engine is meant to render massive fucking landscapes. Literally the world's largest maps, probably in the Guinness Book of Records iirc. We use a variant of Real Virtuality in the US army but only officers got to play it ;(

    and honestly, the bugs are fucking hilarious lmao

    sometimes when your vehicle gets hit while standing still you'll go into orbit. not joking. this happened to me before

    yo by the way you dont have to get any of the DLC. but if i can suggest the only DLC you need for a lot of the mods anyway is ARMA 3 APEX but you shouldnt' need that anymore as i believe they made the content on APEX available for all ARMA 3 users if they didnt have APEX and were just using a mod.

    top arma 3 tips:
    fast is smooth and smooth is slow

    it is better to fire while prone than to fire while standing.

    the ai is p dumb lol

    dont shoot someone with a shitty gun when they have a fucking 2040 ultra futurist transhumanigger robogun. you will die 9 times out of 11

    dont worry too much about not getting a shot into the enemy. worry about getting a shot AT the enemy. suppressing fire is a legitimate tactic. control the conversation, and win.


    camping in arma 3 = hey man, good shot and good tactics. i like having you on my team.

    dying in cod = respawn nearby in <30 seconds. lol noob.

    dying in arma 3 = respawning 30 kms away, needing another fucking helicopter transport, or not actually dying immediately and you end up becoming a mentally retarded paraplegic because the enemy just turned you into swiss cheese stuffed into a shit sandwich. also being brought back from the fucking dead by your combat medic and being super high on morphine and adrenaline. and then actually dying 5 mins later. also, losing the game. lol noob.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
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  5. morgeta

    morgeta Well-Known Member

    It's only worth if you have all the DLC and very good PC
  6. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    no honestly majority of the DLC is dogshit. i have a GTX 1050 with like some motherboard from the 90s and a ridiculously low-performing processor. just try and optimize your shit and avoid shitty oversaturated servers and you should be fine.
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  7. morgeta

    morgeta Well-Known Member

    I only really played King of the Hill and a bit of Arma Life and I usually get 40 fps. Not sure if there are some secret settings I can put it that can increase my FPS or if the servers are just really under optimized.


    I have a pretty beefy PC
  8. vexus

    vexus Well-Known Member Regular Member

    very worth it if you have friends to play with or just people you know play arma
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  9. Pistol P

    Pistol P Site Director Site Director

    Its fun but its mostly played by wannab libertarian POG RPer kiddies who fucking love halo and starship troopers and watching videos of blacks getting lynched in african villages. Half of them are stolen valor and will say "Muh PTSD" whenever you talk about using fireworks on Independence Day. Avoid at all costs unless you have a large group of people who are cool that you'll be playing with and you wont be saluting your 13 year old staff sergeant
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  10. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    dont rate this cringe pistol's pulling an ironic OP
  11. Chezavick

    Chezavick Member

    Thats the review I was looking for. Pretty much got me sold, Imma hold on for abit until time almost runs out since I work last minute per usual. But thanks, with all seriousness. I'm abit more inclined to get it, and 18 bucks for the base plus Apex doesnt sound like a bad deal.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
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  12. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    You owe us.

  13. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    ill let you guys know if Contact sucks or not
  14. Cashflow

    Cashflow Zach Nato Patron

    Thanks rich gamer.

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  15. j noble

    j noble Well-Known Member

    this reminded me of when i joined this really large apocalypse RP group with a zeus manning the mission. as it turns out it was like playing STALKER Apocalypse multipalyer, because hardly anyone spoke English and usually very broken. it was an authentic RP experience of being stranded in the middle of eastern europe.
  16. Chezavick

    Chezavick Member

    Got the game, now to wait an entire day for it to download and not be able to play it for about 2 weeks since I'll be on a trip, but hey, when I'm back, I wouldn't mind playing with some of you guys, thanks for the opinions and such bois.
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  17. Robert Rodriguez

    Robert Rodriguez Active Member

    forget the roleplay just go on Arma 3 wasteland
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  18. Chezavick

    Chezavick Member

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  19. lucky ducky carnifex

    lucky ducky carnifex Well-Known Member

    nice internet lol
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  20. Onion

    Onion Active Member

    If you got nice friends to play this game and also you have capabilities to learn or use Zeus and Editor features, then go get Arma 3 right now.

    But be aware that you have to buy all dlc(except cold war bullshit) to use or enjoy all contents in game.
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