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Looking Ahead, Late June-Early July.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by zigbomb, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hi, I know that the announcements forum isn't used very often, but for once I had something important I had to say regarding the state of the website, its future, and what's planned ahead towards the summer and then the introduction of this upcoming fall.

    For those who don't have time to read, there will be a TL;DR available, but otherwise, let's go over what's going on.
    playerMeta has been a great feat, and as a conceptualization I can say it executed what was intended relatively okay, albeit a few bumps. There's a sad truth in the current era, and it's that forums are dying, forums everywhere beyond ones solely put up for the purpose of communities in serious roleplay and so forth-- and even that as a construct would appear to be dwindling as of this time. As most know, Facepunch recently closed its forums to add-on and further construct my point.

    However, unlike Facepunch, I don't exactly plan on closing the doors to playerMeta just yet. Following Site 86's departure, the only community content in relations to servers on this forum will be Alexpill, and as most know, that's my own project. This understanding brought a great compromise to me, and it was that ultimately, most players specifically here for Site 86 cease to browse the forums. This was an understanding I was well aware of from the beginning, and partially the reality of just being a means of communicating information. Not many signed up for social reasons. To make things short and sweet, I'll essentially list what's planned upon or just about before Site 86's closure and departure from the forums.
    • Site 86 content/information/threads will be archived and left to be viewed.
    • The Community Servers forum will be disbanded, Alexpill will instead be listed solely.
    • General Topics will be simplified and moderated.
    • The developer sector will be prioritized for hosting and sharing content for aspiring developers.
    • The gates will largely remained untouched and will serve as a host for Site 86's subforum.
    Overall, much will not change, it's just a majority of re-organization and a preparation for what I believe is going to be a slumber of the forum. I still encourage individuals to create and share their communities on here, contribute, and carry on so forth, but I don't believe I will be pursuing any sort of 'server' endorsement on here or hosting large clumps of forums like I did for Site 86. It created this bad aura of 'playerMeta' branded servers, and it's ultimately something I'd like to avoid, as well as viewerbases seemingly clogging and overthrowing the others. (Site 86 proceeded to essentially negate main discussion on the forums, and many simply considered it Site 86's forum, regardless of no ill-intentions from its staff team.)

    It's been a wonderful experience to watch creative content be produced of this forum, and even more exciting to see that with a bit of effort and some communication, a small popup forum like this can be mildly successful if it gains some backing. While not all of the attention it had was positive, I was happy to at least be a part of it and make it happen. Beyond that time frame listed, nothing else is set in stone, and I'd like to wish all of you a happy summer.

    - zig​
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  2. Reagent

    Reagent Janitor Staff Member Janitor Site Director

    The best possible outcome, nice to know S86 forums will still archived. I still wish the .DUST forums were archived to the same extent.
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  3. svensis

    svensis sandbox.facepunch.com Patron

  4. oh-range brand soda

    oh-range brand soda Active Member

    Good to hear you aren't taking the nuclear approach.
  5. Jay (GameCode.Lua)

    Jay (GameCode.Lua) New Member

    Thumbs up, Zigbomb.
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