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Serious My journey through ACL Reconstruction + Meniscus Repair

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by afrikan freedom, May 31, 2019.

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  1. afrikan freedom

    afrikan freedom Active Member

    Today is day 3 after my ACL reconstruction this Tuesday
    Things have been painful, been prescribed opioids for the pain and I’ve been very anxious the last few days.

    Figured I’d let y’all know what’s up ^.^
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  2. Pistol P

    Pistol P Site Director Site Director

    Rest well soldier.
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  3. cyn

    cyn Well-Known Member Regular Member

    glad you're recoving, get better soon.
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  4. afrikan freedom

    afrikan freedom Active Member

    Thank you guys.
    I’ll be trying my best to push through rehab and get back on before the Site86 finale (supply gang ) but I can’t make any promises as of now.
    I’ll be looking at the forum/discord in bed on my phone in the meantime.
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  5. Floyd

    Floyd i <3 u playermeta True Pillpunk

    I don't know who you are, but I'm sure that's painful. Rest well, and hope you have a steadfast recovery.
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  6. afrikan freedom

    afrikan freedom Active Member

    It's been 10 days after surgery and I decided to give another update on my progress (along with pictures)

    Today was my first post-op visit. Since the orthopedics office was so busy I only spoke with the doctor for a few minutes. The nurse removed my stitches as well as the 17 staples that were in my knee. They put butterfly bandages and some weird glue to hold it on. It should fall off in the next 7-10 days on its own.

    The doctor also wanted me to remove the ACE bandage as long as possible (unless I need to perform therapy or use my compression ICE machine).

    Today was also the first day of physical therapy. Things went really well actually. Because of my pre-op, my leg was decently strong enough to flex to about 130 degrees (which is great considering it takes nearly 2 full months after surgery before you can really start getting full range of motion). The concern is that my left quadricep is 3" atrophied and my calf is just about the same.

    -This is a picture of the bruising on my hamstring after the use of a tourniquet during surgery.

    Thank you all for the warm wishes! I also make these posts so I can keep track of my own progress through my journey.
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  7. cyn

    cyn Well-Known Member Regular Member

    Glad you're making a quick recovery. glad weve got you back
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  8. afrikan freedom

    afrikan freedom Active Member


    Quick update!

    Things have been improving drastically, just last week I was told that I no longer need to be in crutches, although I must have my brace on whenever I intend to go somewhere.

    Good news is the brace is coming off after July 4th! :)
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