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New stuff about s&box

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by svensis, May 13, 2019.

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  1. svensis

    svensis sandbox.facepunch.com Patron

    (picture taken in s&box)
    Our intention with Sandbox is to take a powerful game engine (UE4 right now) and build a hotloading C# layer on top of it. The idea being that you will never have to touch C++, you never have to wait for things to compile, you never have to close the game while developing.

    We're hoping that what we're making is engine agnostic. Our goal was to build this on top of Source 2, but that seems unlikely now - as it's doubtful that would have any actual benefit over what we're currently doing.

    Hello everyone, it's been some time since we have spoken about s&box. a lot of things have changed since the last thread.

    Here are some things that I have researched and confirmed:

    • We have knowledge of a default built-in source importer, which was the thing I was most worried about not being included. This means all assets are going to be easily mounted just like in garrysmod.( for example ep2 )
    • Spawnmenu, almost just like the one in garry's mod but with design and function in mind.
    • Closed beta with NDA during summer/autumn.
    • Increased workshop limits from the 100mb, something similar to the Arma 3 way of doing addons.
    • Facepunch.Steamworks2
    • Entities will work just like in garrysmod.
    • Improved server browser.
    If you pay attention to the discord and to the commits, you can clearly understand that @Pistol P "expertise" didn't work out and they're doing everything I had predicted in the first thread, the game is being developed with all the issues Garry's mod faced as a base/development platform in mind to be fixed and heavily improved U.X. I was a little bit skeptical myself but now I am 100% confident that it will replace garry's mod with the crazy improvements. You might not switch when it comes out but you will switch to it eventually as source engine gets more and more outdated.

    I suggest reading some articles on s&box by crident, which features some videos.

    new garrysmod like game by facepunch
    multicore servers = better performance (server can have higher tickrate so hitboxes and shit work better)
    better mapping
    cool stuff u cant do with source engine
    possibly bad fps, which i disagree with cause awesomium lol

    https://sandbox.facepunch.com/commits/1 - s&box website - commits page
    https://discord.gg/juEJDns - s&box discord.
    https://crident.com - articles by crident.
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  2. Pistol P

    Pistol P Site Director Site Director

    Will this game also send your information to Amazon too?
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  3. Outro

    Outro Site Director Site Director

    We don't tolerate inflammatory bait threads. Locked.
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