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Security Department Application from deltomega (Accepted)

Discussion in 'Security Department Applications' started by deltomega, May 11, 2019.

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    Your character is stationed as a perimeter defender. A civilian approaches from outside the site, and requests information about the nature of the site. Describe the appropriate response: I'd inform the civilian asking about the facility and its nature that this is a United States Geological Survey facility that conducts research of the surrounding area's geological activity. If he'd further request more information about the facilities nature, I would tell him that I am not allowed to disclose any more information.

    Your character is stationed as a perimeter defender. A civilian approaches from outside the site. Despite being given multiple warnings, they scale the fence and enter the site without authorization. Describe the appropriate response: I would move in-range in order to subdue the individual climbing the face with a taser (if one would be available) or otherwise shoot him to stop his attempt to trespass into the site's perimiter. After he has been stopped from scaling the fence, I'd contact the local police force about the trespasser and wait until they arrive and detain him.

    Your character is patrolling the containment wing, and passes an individual wearing a lab-coat, only to find their Level 2 Security Clearance card required for inhabiting the containment wing is missing. Describe the appropriate response: I would ask the researcher if he has his Level 2 Securit Clearance card with him. If it turns out that he has it somewhere on him, but it's not visible I would remind him that he has to keep it visible at all times. If he does not have the card, I'd contact the Department Head to confirm his identity. If the Department Head won't confirm his identity, I'd detain him for up to twenty-four hours until his identity will be confirmed.

    Your character is casually patrolling the laboratory alone, when the Site Director announces via PA that the force protection condition has been elevated to Gamma. Describe the appropriate response: I'd move to the armoury to receive heavier equipment in order to be fully prepared for the impending danger. After I receive the weaponry, I'd attach to other security agents and form a patrol group and sweep the many corridors of the Site 86, looking for hostiles and informing others on the radio about any activity. Afterwards - I'd await further instructions from the agent in command or otherwise the Site Director.

    Your character is stationed as a perimeter defender with one other agent. Two hostile combatants from an unknown Group of Interest approach the site with firearms, before opening fire. Your partner is shot and wounded, rendered unable to fight. Describe the appropriate response: I would drag the partner to the nearest cover and call for backup on the radio immediately informing others about the situation and about the wounded security agent in need of medical attention. Depending on how easy would it for me to get shot in my current position, I'd either open fire at the combatants or use the First Aid Kit and quickly bandage the wound and apply pressure with zip ties to slow down the bleeding. After patching up the wounded agent, I'd stay in cover and shoot the hostiles when they are exposed whilst I am awaiting reinforcements.

    Write a scenario based on any element of the Security Department Handbook of your choice. Describe the appropriate response: The Site Director has initiated Condition Gamma. During a patrol five-man patrol (one TSG, four Speical Agents) Our group stumbles upon two supply department workers found inside a Level 2 Security Clearance area, despite them not being allowed there. When we approach the two colleagues they'd proceed to run away and turn around the corner. I'd inform other Security Agents and all of the co-workers on the radio about the two rogue employees who are possible GOI infiltrators. I'd proceed to chase the two men with the rest of the patrol team, with my weapon out of course. After we turn the corner, the GOI members open fire with 9mm pistols. One of the agents gets heavily wounded, with two shots being unloaded into his right arm and one shot aimed at his right leg. As the other agents and I take down the hostiles, we contact Combat Lifesavers (if any are available) or the Medical Department about the emergency. When waiting for the medical team to arrive, I would ask one of the agents to patch up his leg when I bandage his arm using the FAKs. We'd patch up the wounds and try to slow down the bleeding by applying pressure with zip ties or anything else that would help us to tighten up the area above the wounds.
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