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"The Claims are False" Letter to the OFFICE OF THE SITE DIRECTOR OF SITE-86

Discussion in 'MEMORANDUMS' started by Dr. Ryan GearPermer, Jun 14, 2019 at 4:46 PM.

  1. Dr. Ryan GearPermer

    Dr. Ryan GearPermer Well-Known Member Regular Member

    From: Special Agent Sylvester Slate
    Date: 6/14/2019

    The subject is under oath while composing this letter.

    I'm not a racist.

    ----I'm not a racist, to begin with. The claims by the MC&D was indeed false when they accused me of being a 'racist' towards one of their guards during their arrival at Site-86 to meet us. You have already heard the ranting and their side of the 'story' that they showcased, but not my side of the story. Therefore, I wish to voice my own defense as well as addressing the truth for my fellow colleagues and other co-workers. So please, let me start out from the beginning that I'm 100%, not a racist.

    ----First, I have nothing against anyone in different skin colors, nationalities, or any ethnicity of that matter. I highly respect not just the black community, but everyone in this entire world that we live in. I am raised in an American family that accepts all ideal and unalienable rights of every culture in the land of the free. Meaning, we are a friendly and welcoming family that provides hospitality towards anyone that we have encountered, mostly encouraged by my father who is a disabled veteran. My parents throughout my whole youth and teenagehood, fueled me with passion and joy to be with one another, not with hatred and racism. To be honest, I mostly spend most of my time with other ethnicities besides my own during school. You can look at the racial diversity chart for my school, Cypress Lakes High School, and you'll see some actual evidence of it supporting my claim. Nevertheless, I made great friends with the majority of the people in my school, no matter who or what they are.

    ----Now onto what really happened at the gatehouse. When the MC&D arrived and parked their cars rudely in front of the Site, it caused some dramatic problems for other staff personnel who were trying to make their way inside. One of the MC&D's cars, in particular, was blocking the entire gate which was an absolute parking violation on their part. I tried to defuse the situation by asking one of the MC&D guards outside of the Site, to park their vehicles to the appropriate parking lot in the back. The MC&D guard refused after many friendly requests towards him and started to spit out rude comments about us. First, he insulted a near-by Supply Personnel that I believed to be named Technician Joshua Taylor, by calling him a "Warehouse Boy" and other insults. An agent that I was with, that I believed to be named, Agent Tom Paxton, tried to intervene and attempted to stop the MC&D guard's rude behavior towards the Supply Personnel. The MC&D guard retaliated with another insult by calling him "Koop's bootlicker" and such. This is the point where I came in and attempted to stop the MC&D guard from insulting our people, but it didn't work out. We both exchanged "passive and aggressive" comments and insults at one another throughout the whole process. Doctor Aoreus von Audrick II, was there to witness it all and can confirm this. During the whole "passive and aggressive" exchange between the MC&D and us, I used dark humor to calm my nerves and used it towards the MC&D guard. My fellow colleagues, Sergeant Garret Jackson, Agent Authur Dryden, and some handful of others in the Security Department, already knew about me using dark humor to calm myself in any heated or non-heated situations. In this case, this was turning into a heated situation.

    ----When the MC&D envoy was about to exit the Site. We were given orders to stop them from leaving with their vehicles and search them for the USB, that held stolen data that they took from us. When we were holding down the fort and searching one of the individuals, a different MC&D guard just walks inside the gatehouse and had full control over the gated fence. Another agent and I attempted to get the MC&D guard out of the gatehouse by friendly orders and other means. I even called over Lieutenant Fritz Kolbe and the MC&D boss, that the guard is not moving out of our gatehouse, but that didn't work. Of course, the MC&D guard refuses and calls me a "Pasty" (Pasty is a racial slur for white people) and insulted my mother. Afterward, the MC&D guard begins sniffing white substances inside our gatehouse, presumed to be cocaine. So basically, the MC&D guard was disobeying our direct orders and was intoxicated. After the rude insult directed towards me, I continued my dark humor with a "passive and aggressive" tone at the MC&D guard to get out of the gatehouse. I wouldn't think the MC&D guard would take it the wrong way, but he did. Talking about double standards here. He called me a racist and had it recorded. I still bet they still have footages of them insulting us with racial slurs too. To clarify my innocence of being a 'racist', I'm a Marine, I abide by my oath just like I did for Uncle Sam. I would never break my oath and never betray my fellow colleagues' trust that they placed on me. After long minutes of holding the MC&D envoy at the gate, the boss of the envoy agreed to hand over the USB. The man who had the USB was the same MC&D guard that was in the gatehouse. We got the USB and allowed the MC&D envoy to enter their vehicles and exit the Site.

    ----So that's the truth about me being a so-called 'racist'. The claims are false in order to make Site-86 and the Foundation look badly. I hope this letter can be used as a report for the next upcoming summit and not to only clear my name, but our name as well. Please investigate thoroughly.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------______________________________-- Special Agent Sylvester Slate
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