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The Red Door

Discussion in 'Tokyo-Two Tales' started by zigbomb, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    The red door.

    As you grip the doorknob of the red door, and intense heat and pain crosses your entire body- sending electrical shockwaves through each muscle and cell- motions of rapid fluids flooding the inside of your head as they spin in a whirlpool. The world around you begins to turn to a bright white- and for a moment, you feel as if you are falling from the earth and into the atmosphere as wind wildly blows against your skin and bones, rattling them and shaking them like a wind chime. You can’t see anything, nor can you hear, but suddenly the feeling passes as you awake on the cold ground of an alien place, something unrecognizable. A familiar voice croaks in your ear, “The king of merchants lies atop a pile of glory in his cell of despair- among the flock of roaring and celebratory neanderthals of their newly found desires. He is in the nightclub, at his desk- understanding. Right at this moment. Collecting. Processing. They cannot see you, only he can. Remove him.”