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The White Door

Discussion in 'Tokyo-Two Tales' started by zigbomb, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. zigbomb

    zigbomb Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    The white door.

    You awake in dreamland. Alone. Thirsty. Alive. A sudden guilt fills your stomach as a pain of a thousand swords begins to crawl through your skin- boils begin appearing up and down each individual skin cell, infecting, popping, dying, a cycle so simultaneous that any individual wouldn’t wish a pain so hard on their worst enemy. Your breath suddenly stiffens as a cloud of black smoke erupts from your lungs, filling the air among you and spreading the smell of death and carcass. A sudden wobble appears in your right leg- a feeble amount at first until it suddenly gives way, snapping in half and the flesh among it spawning larvae and insects that are covered in bile and organic waste. You try to scream but find your vocal chords leaking black sut, and by the time it is comprehended you find your vision limited to a small circle on the floor- focused on the objects of your past and your adventures, collecting dust as a sudden white glaring light fades into your eyes- rolling them over and-......