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While our knowledgebase of both technical and fictional information regarding community endorsed projects remains strong, we highly suggest you sign up on our forums and give them a chance. The forums allow for more organized and casual discussion of projects, interests, and various other topics available under their own designated sections.

Community Content

 Alexpill.png Alexpill
Alexpill is a futuristic roleplay schema based on the basic idea of Dystopia, which tests the moral fiber of the individual player.

 Site 86 wiki hub.  Site 86

Site 86 is an atmospheric multi-genre roleplay schema based on SCP Foundation lore. Site 86 takes place in modern-day Earth, where a clandestine organization operates in secret to protect society from paranormal threats.

Further Resources


playerMeta is keen on keeping content alive that is unknown to the general public. When everything else fails, we hope to keep the availability of said content alive for the coming years. Browse archival lists and resources of plugins for a multitude of schemas and frameworks in the wiki; not just limited to Clockwork.


Developing anything doesn't have to be hard, the information knowledgebase provides high quality and in-depth tutorials on niche information that are of popular use in the roleplaying community on Garry's Mod.