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Site 86



Site 86 follows the story of a highly secretive facility established by the SCP Foundation, an international clandestine organization dedicated to the containment of anomalous entities - objects or entities that cannot be explained by known laws of science, many of which pose a direct threat to human life. A focus is placed on the player characters, all of whom are employees of the Foundation who inhabit various roles, who are tasked with maintaining the facility in the wake of countless dynamic factors.

This wiki contains important lore information, as well as briefings on each role within the server. Reading is highly recommended for all newcomers.

Community Information


Steam Community Group



SCP Foundation Background


Briefings (General)

Briefing on Site Operations

Foundation Uniform Code of Justice

Security Department Handbook

Supply Department Handbook

Engineering Department Handbook

Medical Department Handbook

Research Department Handbook

Administration Department Handbook

Intelligence Department Handbook


Briefings (Strategic)

Briefing on Anomalous Entities

Briefing on Task Force Operations